The Importance Of Critical Thinking In Community College Students

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The human mind gradually develops over time into new and more complex stages, especially when people apply critical thinking in order to complete strenuous tasks. The ability to think at high-levels about interpretations, questions, or evidence, contributes to students building success with opportunities. The process of becoming a critical thinker does not happen over night, but those with self-efficacy are able to reach the highest ability of critical thinking. Many statistical studies have helped prove that supporting critical thinking in educational institutions has increased overall student success. Maximum strength of critical thinking is an achievement for all students in both academics and beyond their university. There are many negative perspectives hovering over whether or not community college builds success for students. Researchers Fong, Kim, Davis, Hoang, and Kim (2017) aspire to prove a positive correlation between critical thinking skills and student achievement at community colleges. The importance of cultivating critical thinking in community college students is emphasized, due to its proven positive relationship (Fong, Kim, Davis, Hoang, & Kim, 2017). The meta-analysis used was encouraged by Bowman (2012) to answer what is the relationship between critical thinking and community college success? The purpose of the method was to look for relevant studies that reveal critical thinking impacts on student motivation, success, and retention (Fong et al.,
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