The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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Is teaching students how to critically think or think for themselves important? It’s not just important it’s a necessity for all students to learn. Critically thinking not only benefits the individual, but it benefits our society in general. Critical thinking in school allows students to think for themselves and have their own opinions. With critical thinking in school students can back up their opinions and ideas with facts and reasoning. Critical thinking in school creates a “rational person” in society (Siegel 435). Critical thinking helps people reason and rationalize. Along with reasoning, critical thinking helps members of society decide ethical decisions. These ethical decisions can range from to voting in election to the medical…show more content…
Critical thinking is important to learn in school since it will translate into skills that are used in society. Applying critical thinking skills to the real world helps understand the reasoning behind decisions. Reasoning and rationale ties into everyday life. Without critical thinking everyone would have the same thoughts, and no one would have original thoughts. Schools would be teaching everyone the same content, and without critical thinking no one would challenge what is being taught everyone would just except the information that is being taught. Without critical thinking we would be carbon copies of each other, but with critical thinking we can explain the reasoning behind the decision that we stand for. Critical thinking is a necessity to teach to young children, so they can explain their ideas and thoughts in depth. Teaching critical thinking in secondary and primary schools is a necessity without critical thinking students would not be able to explain their thought process. Teaching students how to critical thinking not only helps the student, but it also helps our society too. Critical thinking promotes growth in learning, and with critical thinking our society becomes more intelligent because they can explain their line of thinking and reasoning. Critical thinking makes our society a better place; this line of thinking opens up intelligent discussions between friends and even coworkers. The more that
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