The Importance Of Cultural Competence And Applying A Diverse Population

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Globalisation is the increasing global connections, interdependence and integration but also cultural, social, political and ecological aspects of life (Davis and Tschudin, 2008). Over the recent years globalisation is an extremely complex phenomenon, it is the interactive co-evaluation of multiple cultural, economic, social and environmental trends at all conceivable spatiotemporal scales. Hence, Rennen and Martens (2003) define globalisation as an intensification of cross national economic, political and cultural interactions that lead to transitional structures. This essay will be looking at the concept of cultural competence and applying this to a diverse population, it is important for health care professionals who work in high stress environments, it is important that individuals must develop cultural competency to be effective in establishing rapport with patients.
Cultural competence is defined as developing an awareness of an individual’s existence, thoughts and environment without letting it have an influence on those from other ethnic backgrounds, it develops an understanding of the patient’s culture, accepting and respecting cultural differences, which in health care individuals will adapt to care to be congruent with the patient’s culture. As nurses, they are patient’s advocates so they are required to support decisions made by patients or their families that may reflect cultural perspective that may conflict with mainstream healthcare. It may be hard to offer…
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