The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In Class

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When the students attend the class, they will be encouraged to increase their interpersonal interaction and communication. The students, through different activities in the class, they would be able to interact and collaborate with one another. As stated by Taras and Rowney, professors in universities should develop a procedure that allows and encourages everyone to voice their opinions and concerns, thus giving everyone an equal opportunity to participate in class (Taras, Rowney 76). This demonstrates that when a flexible curriculum that takes into account the cultural diversity among the students is used to teach the students, they will all be represented equally in the class. Thus, encouraging them to interact and giving them a purpose to participate in the class. I think that this is important because if the students are not represented equally in the class they wouldn’t feel like interacting with others and this can be applied to everyday life. For instance, when voting if you are not represented then what is the point of voting for someone who does not represent your interests. Along the same lines, according to Sarwari (et al), students that were interacting with other culturally diverse students wanted to continue interacting with each other because it benefited them in many ways, such as, gaining “some essential social and cultural information” (Sarwari, 27). Likewise, this shows that when the students interact with one another they will most likely keep
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