The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In Education

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One population that is vulnerable in the setting of the public school is those who are Hispanic and have language barrier with the staff at the school. The parents who have the language barrier can only communicate through either the staff member who knows Spanish who often is not available to translate or through a tablet that is not perfect translations and is hard to use. For the children, I have seen how hard it is to get dropped off at school because they are afraid of the environment with all the people around them that are speaking to them in a different language that they do not understand. The cultural diversity of this population makes it hard for them to communicate and feel welcomed into the area. At the school, it is the expectation for the students to learn English as they grow within the classrooms. There is a woman who works with them individually to work on English throughout the week to help assist the transition. As stated in Social Justice in Nursing, “Social justice asserts that vulnerable persons should be protected from harm and promoted to achieve full status in society” (Boutain, 2012, p. 49). For these students to succeed and achieve full status in society they must learn English. This, although seemingly harsh, is the reality of our society. It is unfortunate that we do not have more resources in our school to help these students learn a new language in a more simplistic way than just being fully engulfed with it being used around you. Although
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