The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In Patients

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Patients come from many different multicultural groups which means they do not look like, talk like, feel like, and respond like the nurses who are providing them with care. Helping nurses to become culturally sensitive to their patient’s diversity may be beneficial in producing positive patients’ outcomes. There is a strong connection between nurses being knowledgeable about a person’s culture and their ability to provide quality, competent patient care (Vogel, 2016). Nurses must come to understand the real lived experience of the patients that they are taking care of. Knowledge about cultural diversity within the health care field is essential for registered nurses in caring for patients. A culturally competent nurse must develop cultural sensitivity. Each patient must be assessed individually; no cultural assumptions should be made about a patient's beliefs or health practices. Nurses are faced with a challenge to provide individualized and holistic care for an ever increasing multicultural population. Vogel (2016) noted that understanding patients' cultural differences, their values, traditions, life styles, customs, and history are paramount in eliminating health care disparities and providing high-quality patient care. Moss, Seifert, and O'sullivan (2016) reported that nurses are able to provide effective and appropriate care when a patient's cultural practice is understood. It is important for nurses to understand the cultural diversity of
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