The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In Personal Communication

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G. Williams (personal communication, July 15, 2017) stressed that, despite Jamaica and the Cayman Islands having similar cultural backgrounds, they are yet dissimilar in the food, language and work ethics. Thus, illustrating the importance of transcultural shock.
Having considered the importance of training and literature, it is also reasonable to look at the significance of culture, gender and diversity in working with clients. For example, research has asserted that the intersections of racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, socioeconomic, age, religious, spiritual, and disability identities have important influences on mental health outcomes and health disparities (Conron, Mimiaga, & Landers, 2010; Hankivsky et al., 2010; Institute of Medicine, 2011). Just like cultural differences can affect the therapeutic relationship – and therefore the therapeutic process – both directly and indirectly. Yet, different cultural perspectives on health and healing, human relationships, and world views can result in the therapist and patient ‘talking past’ one another as there is no shared basis for communication.
A. Adams (personal communication, July 7, 2017) identifies barriers and biases in treating individuals from different cultures, utilizing culturally sensitive and appropriate interventions based on the race, ethnicity and language spoken. Coupled with identifying resources that are available to eliminate the language and communication barriers, while assessing the culturally diverse
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