The Importance Of Cultural Experience In The Burundian Culture

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For the intercultural experience day, I dressed up in a traditional Burundian head-wrap for one full day. At first, when I found out that I had to place myself in another person’s culture, I was definitely nervous. Largely, due to the fact I am from another culture in this environment and everyday constant of me placing myself in a culture other than my own. And, now that I am at a place where I think I have adapted the western culture, it goes without saying that the idea of exhibiting the Burundian culture under my Ethiopian and now American culture was both frightening and challenging. Ultimately, the experience of immersing myself in the Burundian culture helped me develop a deeper understanding of culture in our society.

Others’ reactions to my appearance in a traditional Burundian head-wrap was very interesting. From the start of the intercultural experience day, it obvious to me that my choice of clothing affected the behavior of others around me. When I was walking to my 8 am class that morning, it was obvious to me that people noticed my appearance to be different from others. One girl in my 8 am class, instantly made a comment about my head-wrap and how she liked it. She then went on to tell me story about how her father traveled to Kenya for work. Her reaction was interesting to me as I got to evaluate it why the certain comment about Kenya and how is that relevant to the traditional Burundian head-wrap? The head-wrap was a representation of African traditions in

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