The Importance Of Culture In Education

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Studying about the human culture lets us look into other cultures from an up-close and more personal perspective to understand their culture from there stand point. We must use a different approach, as anthropologists who conduct their research by understanding that there are two approaches for evaluating a culture and that is emic and etic. I will be examining an aspect of my own culture and I will also examine an aspect of another culture from an emic perspective. I will demonstrate a culturally relativistic perspective, without using opinionated or judgmental language. Throughout this paper I will also try to examine an aspect of my own race and its cultural practices and behaviors. The main topic of my paper is Education. I want to be able to show that no matter what culture you come from, education is for anyone. I will examine the rights of education in the United States and discuss anti-school culture among Sweden boys to show why girls perform better in school than boys.
Part 1
According to Crapo (2013), an “etic perspective is an outsider’s or observer’s allegedly objective account” (p. 27). Looking from an etic point of view, looking at my own culture, in comparison to the Nacirema culture discussed in Miner’s article, there are some similarities. Some people may think how can these two cultures have anything in common. Although the African- American culture have no dealings with the Nacirema’s, there are some aspects that are similar with their culture. I will
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