The Importance Of Dealing With Conflict In Things Fall Apart

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Dealing with conflict When some people are faced with conflict they like to give up and don’t face the conflict face on. In “Things Fall Apart” Okonkwo is faced with many problems, and deals with many conflicts. In the beginning of the book, there is someone known as “The cat” because whenever they wrestled no one could put this man on the ground. Okonkwo wrestles with him, and is able to throw him to the ground. Okonkwo deals with conflict by hitting it straight on and is successful that way. I believe hitting conflict right in the face and taking it on is what makes people successful. In the Bible, Noah is told by God to build an Ark to fit two of every animal, and his family in it. God is planning to flood the Earth to cleanse it of all the sin. Noah is faced with many conflicts and problems when he is building the Ark. For one, it took Noah over 50 years to build the Ark. After over 50 years of building the Ark Noah…show more content…
Without him I wouldn’t have eternal life. Jesus faced all sorts of conflict. He was called a liar, a fake, a joke, and many other things. Jesus had many people that tried to hold him back from doing great things. They didn’t believe that he could heal the blind or cure the sick. Jesus did exactly this. Jesus did many great things, and while he had many things holding him back, but still accomplished great things. This is a prime example of an individual who overcame conflict, and did extraordinary things in spite of the conflict.
The most successful people in life overcome conflict, and learn from it. This is what makes them stand out over the rest of people. There are many examples of people who overcome conflict and do something great because of it. If you think long and hard about it there were times when you overcame conflict and did great things because of it. It’s not the conflict that makes the person tougher or stronger, but how they deal with it that makes them ahead of those
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