The Importance Of Deep Ecology

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Deep ecology is about always asking questions about human life, nature, and society.
Deep ecology is more meditative and goes beyond the factual scientific level, to the level of self and Earth wisdom. It goes beyond a shallow approach to environmental problems. It articulates a comprehensive religious and philosophical worldview, along with ecological consciousness.
Ecological consciousness and deep ecology contrast the technocratic-industrial societies that isolate humans from nature.
Over time Western culture has been obsessed with dominance. Humans over non-humans, masculinity over femininity, wealthy over poor, western over non-western cultures. Deep ecological consciousness allows us to see through the perception of this dangerous illusion. A dominant world view is centered around maximizing and using natural resources for our destructive consumerist habits. Deep ecology is about minimizing and finding harmony with nature.
Deep ecology means reflecting on ourselves. The search for deep ecological consciousness is the search for an objective consciousness and state of active deep questioning and meditative process as a way of life.

Arne Naess said that deep ecology is “The shallow and the deep, long-range ecology movement”-
This quote describes the deeper, spiritual approach to nature. This deeper approach allows us to be more open and sensitive to ourselves and nonhuman life.

Arne Naess developed two ultimate norms which were brought by deep questioning and reveal
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