The Importance Of Dehumanization In The Holocaust

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To be at the top of the world with ultimate power, alienation of people is important. In order to do that, degrade the civilians surrounding the destination. During the Holocaust, the Jews of Europe are deemed unworthy and useless. People who are not considered Aryan; the superior race, and therefore sent to camps to be disposed of. In other words, Jews are dehumanized with the sole purpose of being exterminated. Degrading another human being is an effective force that can be taken to the top of ultimate power. Eliezer Wiesel comments on Night, on how the Nazi power forces the Jews out of humanity using degradation as an effective tool for dehumanization. Brutal and abusive; physically and verbally forces the Jews to dread and fear about what will happen to them next. Paralyzing them in place. Taking the Jews rights as a citizen is important to make room for the creation of the all mighty Aryan race. Night showcases that to get to the top, degradation is the effective tool for dehumanizing the unwanted. Instantly, the brute force is the Nazis main method of dehumanization. Violence increased greatly at the end of the war because the Nazis wanted to rid evidence of the Jews. Taking out as many Jews as they can before they are stopped, because,“In the Spring of 1944, with the end in sight, the Nazis deported and eventually wiped out 450 000 Jews” (Fine, 38). The end of the war is in sight, but that is when it became horrific. 450 000 Jews wiped out in a matter of months. Pride goes out to the Germans for great efficiency their destruction. Repetition of physical abuse weakens the victims. Elie, a boy in one of the many concentration camps remembers getting up at,“Around five o’clock in the morning we were expelled from the barrack. The Kapo’s were beating us again” (Wiesel, 36). Elie was getting beaten again. Later on, he no longer feels the pain. The beginning of his morality starts to fade with the hope that it never returns. Threatening prisoners with harsh, vicious words can suppress them from the inside. The German officer told the victims that,“If anyone goes missing, you will all be shot like dogs” (Wiesel, 24). The bluntness of his words can send shivers down a spine knowing full well that they will
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