The Importance Of Democracy

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This is an extremist view by Plato. As societies, we establish laws and regulations that keep us all in check so no one becomes too powerful. Yes, in a democracy we have plenty of freedoms that are non-existent in other forms of government. However, freedom does not necessarily equate to havoc. For example, in our society, at any given time, we have people that are capable of ruling over the country if the need were to arise. The United States, for example, has rules and regulations to prevent anyone from obtaining too much power. For argument’s sake, it is important to mention one of the most important democracies in our modern time. That is the United States of America. In the U.S. for example, a president cannot rule for more than eight years. Consequently, this prevents the person in power to become omnipotent, creating a tyrant, which happens to be the lowest form of governing according to Plato. The Platonist concern is that since anyone can vote, whether the person is wise enough to do so or not, that it can be a sufficient cause to get anyone into power. Although this may be true, there is a way around it. As a society, it is possible to get a leader that is completely unfit to rule, because since anyone can vote in a democracy, then it is possible that the ignorant person might vote for someone that has no governing expertise. However, just like we have the power to elect someone into a position of power, so do we have the power to vote a person out of
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