The Importance Of Democracy In Ancient Egypt

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Important: New resources forge new struggles.Give power to new people. Ideas transform our lives. Calashia Sypris, island. Rusty red rocks contains a material iron. Iron forms the core hot as the sun no magnetic field the fourth common mineral in the crust. Soldiers prepare to defend their kingdom. Husanius their leader of sparta. Sparta 3000 miles. In sparta at the age of 7 boys are trained as warriors at 18 they join the army. A black stone surrender, a white stone fight. Such as our love for liberty we will never surrender. The greeks lineup to face the enemies head on, there outnumbered. But now a new weapon decides the future of the western world. Spartan leader prepares to make a last stand. The greeks release a new weapon the phalanxes.…show more content…
The nile delta of Egypt 1200 years BC. New enemy, egyptians call them the sea people. Hungry, violent, their mystery today. Their cities burned, and brought evil to their country. A thousand years after the pyramids Egypt faces destruction. Iron and charcoal transformed the earth's surface. Appreciate in value in freedom, a new political system still shaping our world today; democracy. You have the ability for self dilation. August 479 BC near the coast of Greece, rivals lay aside their differences. To defend their land, soldiers from across the world, and then theres greek patriotes. They were putting everything they knew on the line. The heat of battle what that matters is what you're going to do in that moment; survive, kill, and take care of your buddies. Armed with the crossbow, the armies of the first emperor storm across six Warren Kingdoms. In nine years he achieved more than a million square miles; 27 million people. Venetian explores find the great apes is are distant cousins. Phoenicians create colonies across the Mediterranean world. The old testament is the most widely read book in the world, there have been six billion copies printed over the last five hundred…show more content…
Creating the landscape we know today. Spears and swords of iron. Sparta can not fight Persia alone. The age of iron gives power to the people. Small city of Athens faces a choice, submit to the Persian Empire or fight for freedom. The males citizens of Athens gather on a rocky hill called the paniks. Citizens of Athens are armed with iron weapons. Help with iron weapons influence warfare. In the west they hired help to have states fight for their freedom. 5,000 miles to the east its one of the worlds building blocks; China. Shewonglee the first emperor of China, he has been fighting for his thrown. Super heating metals, metal workers lay foundations for mankind's future. Pour iron into a mold to produce identical objects. 200 years before christ mass production by the biggest game changers; war. A new kind of weapon, help fight will change the face of the planet. The crossbow was invented. Bolts with an iron cord, at high velocity. Iron is better than bronz, it holds an edge better. Iron influences ship builders like never before. Now ships can stay stable at sea. The invention of the alphabet made communication much easier. It made learning how to read and write much easier. Faith still dominates our world today. Jews start to write a book that will be most influential in the history of mankind; the
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