The Importance Of Developing Fluency With Qualitative Research Method

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It is important to develop fluency with the qualitative research method. The following qualitative literature review includes five peer review qualitative studies. Summarized in the following sections are a summary of, the topic, problem, purpose, design, and the findings of each peer reviewed journal article.
Article 1-Seeking a Path Forward on Audit Quality Indicators – Audit Committees Play a Vital Role in Ensuring Audit Quality
The general topic covered is the Center for Audit Quality’s (CAQ) proposal for developing audit quality indicators, for the purpose of improved discussions between auditors and audit committees in the hopes to pilot test for feedback (Brooke, 2014). The article provides an overview of Audit Quality Indicators (AQIs). It was noted that any information presented is not rigid but a fluid body of thought, subject to feedback and market changes (Brooke, 2014).
The specific problem area is identification of how best to introduce a pilot test, to produce constructive feedback, and aid efforts of policy development. The study was necessary because the task of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board of overseeing audit quality, and crucial need to include the professionals in the field when creating indicators. The purpose of the study thus was to determine a set of audit quality indicators that create a framework to facilitate the effectiveness and transparency of a successful and high quality audit (Brooke, 2014).…

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