The Importance Of Diet And Weight Loss

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One topic that has been talked about for many years within Kinesiology is the debate on whether exercise or diet is more important for losing weight and maintaining weight loss. While both or important for a person's individual health, a person's diet is essentially the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and an important factor in losing weight and gaining nutrients that can help the body develop. Many studies and experiments have shown that a healthy diet goes a long way in helping people lose more weight, but more importantly teaches them how to continue to treat their bodies in a healthy manner. Dieting has been shown to have a bigger impact on weight loss than exercise has. For this reason, it can be said that a good diet is more effective for weight loss as compared to exercise alone. The first argument as to why dieting is more effective for weight loss than exercise is that a good diet is better for overall weight control. A better diet quality has been associated with less weight gain over time and one study looked to compare changes in diet quality in overweight and obese adults during a weight loss intervention (O'brien et al. 2014). Groups consisting of a standard weight loss program, an enhanced version of the weight loss program, and a wait list control group were tested to see if their diet quality improved their weight loss. The results found that the basic weight loss program and the enhanced version of the weight loss program lost significantly more
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