The Importance Of Direct Behavior Rating

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Direct Behavior Rating- Classroom Management
Ms. Nelson is a second grade teacher at ABC Elementary. Ms. Nelson was self-referred as she was concerned about her student’s engagment. She was observed on 02/25/2016 using the Direct Behavior Rating- Classroom Management: external Rater Form (DBR – CM ER) for 20 minutes. The DBR – CM ER involves the observer recording ratings in five categories: classroom structure, praise, communication, enthusiasm, and rapport. During the beginning of the observation, Ms. Nelson’s students were seated on a carpet, and she was reading a story and discussing it with the students. After the students completed their reading activity, they were split into stations. The students either went to an independent math station, computerized reading station, guided reading station with the teacher, or spelling station.

Classroom Structure
Ms. Nelson’s classroom was arranged in a way that allowed students move without disruption. The desks where in a u-shape. She had a carpet in front of the smart board where the students appeared to have assigned spots. A computer station was set up in the back of the classroom where Ms. Nelson was able to easily monitor her student’s activity. Her room also had colorful posters with content related material and clear
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Nelson scored a 10. The enthusiasm scale measures the level in which the teacher presents the content in a meaningful, memorable, and/or engaging manner. During circle time, Ms. Nelson frequently asked the students questions and displayed enthusiasm by using an excited tone and hand gestures. When Ms. Nelson asked a question, many students excitedly raised their hands to answer. She also provided the students with the opportunity to discuss questions with partners. When the students were in stations, Ms. Nelson was working with two students for guided reading. She kept the students engaged in the reading by having them spell certain words on their white
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