The Importance Of Discharge Teaching : What Role Does Management Play?

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The Importance of Discharge Teaching: What Role Does Management Play? Improper patient discharge teaching can result in negative patient outcomes, increased hospital readmissions, and an overall rise in cost to healthcare facilities. As a multifaceted issue, there are several factors that may be considered in order to integrate methods to prevent readmissions and decrease unnecessary cost. Management can play a critical role in implementing guidelines for discharge teaching resulting in cost reduction and improved patient outcomes. The focus of this paper is to determine how nursing management can contribute to decreasing cost. Mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), on October 1, 2012, the federal government launched the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program. The objective of the program was to compel hospitals to improve quality and continuity of care. Hospitals with high rates of Medicare readmissions will suffer financial penalties. Readmissions are defined as returning to the hospital within 30-days of discharge for the same illness ( High readmission rates of patients present challenges within the healthcare industry. Nearly one third of the United States health expenditures are associated with preventable readmissions and an estimated 20% of patient readmissions occur within 30-days (Cloonan, Wood, & Riley, 2013). As costs and penalties associated with high readmission are expected to increase, the development and

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