The Importance Of Discovering The Talent For Children

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Introduction This paper focuses on the importance of discovering the talent each child has and ways to nurture the talent or creative the creative side. Art, music and dance are some common forms of creativity; however creative thought appears in almost all aspects of life. This research paper is written on how important creativity is and why is should be nurtured. I also included information on how creativity is valuable in the classroom, at home and also how it’s beneficial in the child’s future. Included are some ways we has teachers and parents can encourage or help improve a child’s creativity and what some psychologist believed. According to Author/Education advisor, Sir Ken Robinson, he believes that “we can find creativity in everything.” He defines creativity has an imagination activity fashioned so as to produce outcomes that are original and of value.” One way to understand the creative process is via the Wallas Model on creativity. Social Psychologist / Educationalist, Graham Wallas, put forward one of the earliest theories which who proposed the five stage model, where the focus is the importance of the unconscious mind. The stages involve the preparation stage where a problem and initial thoughts occurs; the incubation stage where there is thinking about a problem; Illumination where a "click" or "flash" of a new idea suddenly occurs and you are now aware of the answer; and lastly is the verification stage is where you are working on the solution. Adult
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