The Importance Of Diversity In The Health Profession

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Diversity is a fundamental aspect in creating an environment that encourages individuals to thrive. Creating prospering environments is especially important in the health professions because there is a need for medicine throughout the life of every individual. Advancing diversity in the health professions increases preparation of health care professionals, service provided to patients, variability of perspectives, and creates an open environment. Diversity aids in the training of health care professionals by preparing them for the range of ethos associated with individuals in all areas of the United States of America. The United States is composed of citizens with different cultures, each accompanied by different practices, traditions, histories, and identities. By allowing diversity in the health profession, executives help prepare the future health professionals by introducing them to…show more content…
Without diversity, closed environments cause individuals to have a decreased level of involvement due to the feeling of alienation. As a result, the environment does not benefit from the individual’s ideas. Open environments encourage communication, inclusion, and teamwork. Each of these attributes creates a positive environment that can thrive through heightened productivity.
Diversity is an issue in the health profession, because the workforce does not reflect the population. Many groups are underrepresented, resulting in increases in health disparities. Increasing diversity increases preparation, service, variability of perspectives, and creates an open environment. Increasing diversity in an effort to provide the best service to all persons, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, financial status, and any other factor that categorizes an individual, will result in a higher quality health care for every
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