The Importance Of Diversity In The Workplace

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Men are 30% more likely to be hired for a high level position job than women (Stutes). Jobs discriminate and separate genders, races, etc. in a workplace. This is not fair because it should not matter what you look like or who you are, we should all be treated the same no matter what. It is hard for someone to get a job because bosses can discriminate and that makes people not succeed. You should have to work towards the higher level position so you earn it and not just be given it because you are the gender the boss wants. Diversity should be acknowledged so everyone can have a chance to make a living and support their families. Companies need to be fair and treat everyone equally and not just by looks. Diversity means that everyone works together no matter what race, culture, gender they are. Workplaces should have diversity taken place in them so they succeed and people have to work with others no matter what. It shouldn’t be about the looks or beliefs, it's about supporting your family and working together to create one goal. Diversity is becoming a big part of our world and it should continue as companies are growing and hiring. 67% of bosses and job seekers seek for diverse workplaces (Stutes). That still leaves room for 33% of bosses that are against having diverse workers. This shows that companies are against a certain race and gender. That should not be present. Continuing, diverse workplaces provide families with the money they need to survive.
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