The Importance Of Diversity In The Workplace

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Introduction This document is going to describe you about the Importance of diversity in the workplace. The main purpose of the document is to throw some light on what is diversity, diversity in workplace, Importance, advantages/ disadvantages, challenges, and some recommendation for diversity in workplace to increase participants, cultural awareness, knowledge, and communication. The target audience of the document is multicultural workforce. What is diversity? Diversity is defined as all the characteristics, experiences and backgrounds that describes each of us as an individual. A common misconception about diversity is that it only pertains to certain persons or groups, when in fact, exactly the opposite is true. Diversity can include age, gender, marital status, economic status, race, cultural backgrounds, Disability, religion. “For us to win in the business world, we need the best employees possible. To do that, we need to cast as wide as possible and bring in the best to the company. Throughout the country, diversity helps us get there.” Diversity In workplace Diversity in workplace can be defined as the people working in a work place with different characteristics such as different age, gender, personality, education. Diversity in workplace increase creativity and innovation. Multicultural workforce is made up of men and women from many countries and multiple generations, some of the workforce is also composed of those with disabilities. The diverse workforce is
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