The Importance Of Doing The Wrong Thing In The Army

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have done. My mindset just have to always stay positive and do the right thing. Because if i do the wrong thing and one of my fellow battle buddies see me doing the wrong thing they might get the impression that doing the wrong thing is “cool” or okay which is not the impression i want to give off at all. Or it could make someone think of me as a bad soldier who dissent listen/follow instructions given by higher up and i would be looked down upon. Once thing that i have learned in my 4-5 months in being in the army is to lead by example and if I'm doing the wrong thing by not living by the army values I'm not saying a good example at all and not acting like a leader. If you don't lead by example you are just hurting yourself in the long run and not being…show more content…
Because you don't want to endure the pain again. Or it can go to getting punished in a different way like I'm getting punished by writing an essay which is really hard for me because I'm not good at writing at all. After this essay i will definitely make sure to be a better soldier, do the right thing, and live the army values. The army values are more than just some words and definitions, it actually had value and meaning to everyone in the army, it might have different meanings to different people, but in general it all had the same meanings. Duty was also one the even army values that i did not abide by because i didn't fulfill my obligations of finishing my essay in the right, and professional manner. P personal courage is another army value that i have been failing to abide by the last couple weeks. Personal courage is facing fear, danger, and

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