The Importance Of Dress Code For School Uniforms

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It has come to my mind that life may be easier for everyone if we established a dress code for school uniforms. One out of five public schools today require school uniforms. “Educational psychologist and TODAY contributor Michele Borba thinks uniforms are a good idea because they create “emotional safety at a school, which is pivotal to learning.” (Flam) Many may question the idea and many may agree. Everyone in the school including teachers would wear a school uniform.
Starting with the girls, the school would give each girl five button up shirts and two skirts, which matched the shirts. The girls could have the choice to purchase khaki shorts, at appropriate length, on their own. The school would also provide the girls with a jacket for when it gets colder in the winter time. One day out of the week the girls could wear whatever they would like that follows dress code. The day will be chosen by the principle. The girls can also dress up for dress up days on Fridays for football game days.
Moving to the boys, the school would provide each boy with five collared button up shirts also, and two pairs of khaki pants. The boys would have the choice to wear khaki pants or khaki shorts. One day out of the week, different from the girls, the boys could wear whatever they would like that followed the given dress code. The boys would also be given a jacket for the winter time.
The teachers, on the other hand, will also have a certain criteria that they will have to meet. The ladies
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