The Importance Of Dress Codes In Schools

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Dress codes are something that almost every school in existence has. The extremity of a dress code varies from school to school. Some institutions have a dress code where the only things permissible are the school uniforms, natural hair, and no makeup for girls. Other schools have dress codes, but they do a poor job at enforcing them or they simply have a very relaxed one where girls can wear crop tops and length of shorts don’t matter. One could say Liberty-Benton’s is on the stricter side. Girls at our school can’t even wear leggings unless their butts are covered or running shorts at all. The more dress codes were dug into, it was discovered that many dress codes are directed more towards girls rather than boys to create a “distraction free learning environment”. This is very subjective to young women who already have body confidence issues to begin with, let alone throw a strict dress code in there and make them feel worse. The purpose of a school dress code is not always just. Although many could argue that schools need a dress code, they are oppressive to students and aimed more toward girls than boys. The school dress code at Liberty-Benton High School is very similar to dress codes across the country. Rules such as no exposed midriffs, short shorts, and no ripped jeans are included in the dress code. The dress code also contains rules and regulations such as not being allowed to wear leggings unless your entire bottom is covered. According to the Liberty-Benton

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