The Importance Of Dress Codes In Schools

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One issue often presented in public schools are dress codes. Each school has a variety of different policies for both boys and girls, yet they are more biased against what girls wear. We often find in a student handbook the amount of sentences for what girls aren’t allowed to wear compared to boys. These dress codes are seen as sexist because they require girls to cover anything that seems to be “distracting,” but mainly it is made for boys to not be distracted. The regulations include like nothing revealing, as for the exposure of shoulders, shorts or skirts have to be a certain length and often yoga or leggings are banned. When girls violate the dress code they are often sent to the office to change or suspended because they didn’t follow the rules. The policies also take over school events like prom It is such an issue because they limit a girls freedom of what they want to wear. Also, it is sexist because most of these regulations are for boys to not be distracted on a girls clothing. These dress codes are problematic at public schools and girls are more targeted on these policies. Throughout the years they have faced discrimination and the effects, yet some agree that these dress codes serve a purpose.

Currently girls still face a strong discrimination on what they wear more than boys in school. Many of these stories are appearing in social media of how unfair it is for many of these young ladies to be sent to the office or suspended because of what they wear is in
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