The Importance Of Dress Codes In Society

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There has always been something up with the rights and roles women have in society. They receive objectification for almost everything they attempt and are told to fit into these roles that men aren’t even asked to try. We are told and taught from a young age to act a certain way or receive certain consequences. We fear cat calls for trying to look good for our own confidence, and are shut down for trying to dress the way we want because of a “lack of modesty”. The way women dress is highly criticized, and it doesn’t only go for older women, but for younger girls as well. Regarding dress codes, although some see it as a means to keep “drama” down and students concentrated in class, most to all school dress codes limit a female’s ability to express herself through her clothing. This is a matter that needs to be changed.
Let’s start with the basics, the dictionary definition of clothes are “the things that people wear to cover their bodies and that are usually made from cloth”, and the parts of the body we “need” to cover are really just dictated by society. For example, men and women both have nipples, and yet women are told by the world that they need to hide their nipples while men can roam free without a shirt. Our human culture tells us that certain areas of a person’s body, some parts more than others, need to be hidden. This programming in our heads is one of the roots of the conflict in school dress codes.
Clothing is a way that many, especially those discovering
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