The Importance Of Drugs In The United States

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People deaths from heroin overdoses have grow by five times between 2001 and 2013. Nearly 50 percent of the prison inmates in the US were addicted to drugs or alcohol. Many of the illegal drugs come from Mexico, where the drug cartels make over $50 billion each year from their business. The National Association Of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) concerned with the growing use of pejorative terms to describe the estimated 11 million undocumented people living in the United States. In America a total of 68% of drug users are in North America.

More and more people come and more and more drugs come. Not all people bring them but some do. They are 149 tons of Heroin that comes from Mexico. And ends in the US being used by people who live in the US.
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People who are not allowed to be in the US should be watch to make sure they don’t come back to the US. People who are thought to be part of a terrorist threat should not be able to buy guns are to get drugs are leave the country and just come back with money, firearms, (etc) .

Some people think that it is ok for all kinds of people to just come into ure country. But sometimes it is not. Because some people may be bringing guns, money, or bombs in the country just for someone. So it is best to owy let them in if they are legal. But if they are fleeing it could be different. So I said what I think about immigration. I just think that immigration is why some of the illegal drugs are in the US. But what do you think about immigration and do you think it is bad or good why do you think this?

If people from all over the world would put down drugs this world would be in a better place today. So a good a bit of the illegal drugs are being bring to the US. If the US had a better force for dealing with drugs than the US would most likely not have to put up with it as much. A huge percent of people around the whole world does drugs are drink alcohol. And 50% of the prison inmates are addicted to drugs or
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