The Importance Of Early Childhood Friendship

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Friendship is often underrated, considering the tremendous impact it has on our well being. Early-childhood friendship is something that is frequently overlooked as a positive developmental influence. Preschool friendships are helpful in developing social and emotional skills, increasing a sense of belonging and decreasing stress. People who feel lonely or socially isolated tend to be more depressed and have more health issues. Both boys and girls form strong attachments to others need social and emotional support. It is human nature to attach to certain people and to want closeness and support from others, regardless of gender. There is no one size fits all formula for friendship; people thrive socially in different ways. There are,…show more content…
Also, it suggests that they are related and they contribute to development more generally. They are suggested as being related because in order to build a friendship you have to accept them for who they are first. Young children are more likely to form friendships with children who they see on a regular basis. Preschool friends are more likely to maintain close proximity to one another than children who are not friends (Lindsey 2002). The findings of this study suggest that mutual friendship is an important factor in children 's social development as early as the preschool years.
Without friends life is lonely and isolated. Friends are important to share enjoyable activities with, companions with whom to share worries, people to rescue you in difficulty and to be comforted at times of stress. Additionally friendships have enormous developmental implications (Murray 2009). It helps the socialising process. Also, it promotes the natural move towards “greater independence” in adolescence (Murray 2009). It does this because when you depend on someone for so long you start to branch off on our own and stop depending on others like you used to. Adolescent friendships also provide a connection to others who are at the same stage (Murray 2009).
Most adolescents face the same obstacles in life and experience similar difficulties. Friends in childhood are primarily found at “school” (Murray 2009). This is because they
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