The Importance Of Easter In Spain

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People around the world have many cultures and holidays. Everyone celebrates their holidays with traditions that appeal to them. With cultural difference added, diversity is created and is part of the festivities throughout the world. Spain, for example, is just like any other country with its own holidays, traditions, and activities. This Spanish-speaking country has those that contrast to the ones here in the United States.
To begin with, Spain has a holiday called Semana Santa, or Holy Week, that lasts for a week. The week before Easter, the regions of the Spanish-speaking country celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with their own styles and customs. However, according to Miruna Corneanu, the author of the article “Easter in Spain”, “Semana Santa celebrations are nowhere else as elaborate and spectacular as they are in Andalusia….” In this southern region of the country, the Catholic holiday is honored by with religious fervor, extravagant processions, color, and art. Motley parades and complex religious displays of biblical scenes take over the streets in Seville and Malaga. In the town of Calanda, people celebrate Good Friday by playing drums for twenty-four hours. On the contrary, Easter is a holiday those in the United States celebrate. While it may not last for an entire week but only a day, Easter is not held on an official date, but instead on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon has happened or after the March equinox. This holiday is honored by Christians,
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