The Importance Of Eco-Healthy Firefighter

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Keeping Firefighters Safe and Healthy Every day, firefighters and EMS personnel protect Americans’ health and wellbeing—but who’s watching out for them? That question is being answered by a national program geared toward saving firefighters and EMS workers from the industry’s leading cause of death: heart disease. Nearly 50 percent of all on duty firefighter deaths each year are caused by heart attacks. The Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program aims to change this alarming trend by promoting a healthier lifestyle among emergency workers and challenging them to meet health and wellness goals. Cutting Weight After being told by doctors body’s was shutting down and they needed to lose weight immediately Heart-Healthy Firefighter program…show more content…
Roofing and ceiling
7. Doors and windows
8. Water supply and sanitary fittings
9. Electrical works
10. Firefighting system
11. Miscellaneous
12. Excavation work
13. Road works
Evaluating Eco-friendly Materials

Why eco-friendly materials?
· Phenomenal growth in the construction industry that depends upon delectable resources.
· Production of building materials leads to irreversible environmental impacts.
· Using eco-friendly materials is the best way to build an eco-friendly building.

Stone quarrying leads to eroded hills, like this picture showing the site of maharani marble quarry, brick kilns in the fringes of the city lead to denudation of topsoil, dredging for sand damage the river biodiversity etc.
What is Eco-friendly material?
· Dictionary: describes a product that has been designed to do the least possible damage to the environment
· US EPA – EPP program defines as:
“…products or services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose…”
Thus we talk of two issues – one that it does the least possible environmental damage and two that it is a comparative scale as there are very few materials that are completely
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