The Importance Of Economic Globalization

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Mainly in the following four points: First, optimize the allocation and rational use. No matter how high the efficiency of a country's economy is running, it must continue to be limited by its own resources and markets. Only by integrating global resources and markets can a country's economy get rid of the shackles of resources and markets to the maximum extent under the current conditions. Economic globalization can bring about the most advantageous conditions for production, sell in the most favorable market, achieve the optimal monetary development in the world, improve economic efficiency and make the commodities more in line with consumers' needs. Second, to promote and strengthen the development and competitiveness of the…show more content…
The science and technology activities of any country must and can only be based on the existing scientific and technological achievements in the world. Thanks to the global flow of science and technology brought by economic globalization, all countries, especially developing countries, can import the advanced science and technology they need in the world and make use of the advantage of backwardness to promote scientific and technological progress, economic structure optimization and economic development . Fourth, to promote the multipolarization of the world economy. Economic globalization has complicated international monetary relations. It has enabled the past national relations and regional relations to develop into multipolar relations and global relations, promoted the development of an international coordination and cooperation mechanism that deals with these relations and will inevitably lead to a series of global The emergence of sexual economic rules has enabled countries participating in the process of economic globalization to sell or abandon part of their sovereignty and form and abide by these economic rules. Therefore, in this sense, economic globalization is a work of institutional change and a process of competition and integration with each other. In my opinion,the main stumbling are : The current rules governing the operation of the global economy are not reasonable and are mostly conducive to developed countries. The
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