The Importance Of Education And Higher Education

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For centuries, education has played a vital role in shaping hundreds of generations in different societies. Education determines our future combined with the level of success we achieve. In most societies, the minimum requirement for adolescent education is grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. A higher education has always been optional and since it is not offered as free, not everyone is able to attend. This type of educational schooling is the university, or college. A college degree is mandatory to living a productive lifestyle and providing for families. So what happens when these degrees are inaccessible because of economic limitations? Why is the economy expected to suffer because of the shortcomings from a student's economic uprising? An argument prevalent today is that university education is offered at far too high of a price for something that is a necessity to thrive and live a well-balanced life. The solution to bridge the gap between the ones able to afford college and the ones who suffer because of their lack of money, is to simply to do away with college tuition as a whole, giving any and every one access to a university education. It has been proven throughout history that students are almost always automatically discouraged to further their educational careers when faced with thousands of dollars in debt as a cost for knowledge. They’re dissuaded by taking out loans and working part time jobs all while studying to maintain their preliminary

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