The Importance Of Education And Service Learning Students

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It is a shame that the success or failure of a high school is based many times on high stakes test scores. Tests are important, do not get me wrong. One has to take a test in many certified vocations. There is one thing test scores do not measure and that is character growth. If students leave high school knowing what it means to do the right thing, success after high school can be easily attained through hard work, making discerned decisions, and treating people with respect and dignity. Through character education and service learning students have been given the opportunity to become the best versions of themselves by constructing the character of the student from the inside out. Through the character education lessons I designed at Hollister High School I wanted to implement something that was more than a character word of the month, because most students will not be able to remember what that word was and what it means. The Hollister High School character education focus group and I wanted to create a program that made students think about the choices they make and how those choices enable or prevent young adults from being the best versions of themselves. The students have to realize that their choices matter and their individual thoughts turn into the choices they make. These choices become actions. These actions evolve into habits and these habits become the framework for our individual character. The program cannot prevent students from making bad
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