The Importance Of Education At The Marine Corps

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As a 16-year-old kid, the only thing on my mind was playing sports and being outside of the classroom. At the time, I didn’t realize that working at a mediocre level would slow me down in the long run. Not that I was a bad or disrespectful student by any means, but if my grades were well enough to participate in wrestling and football, I was happy. Very rarely did I study at home. I had no interest in using my free time for more school work. The importance of education to an individual at a younger age may be held at a lower value because it is something they are told they must do; whereas, one who is taking collegiate level courses might take them more seriously because they are actually working toward a career. The summer before my senior year in High School I decided to enlist into the Marine Corps. Their academic requirements were simple, get a diploma. That was right on par with my current attitude in school. I remember about a month before graduation I was in my English class talking among my friends. I made a comment saying how I couldn’t wait to just move on from school and get on with the next step. My teacher overheard the conversation and simply said to me with a sigh,
“So much potential but you keep it locked inside.”
She said it in a way to jokingly give me a hard, but it was almost as if I let her down. It was truly like a punch to the stomach. For someone I looked up to with great respect, it felt horrible to know I let them down. I did well in school but I
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