The Importance Of Education

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Education is an ultra-important aspect of our country’s success; it has been from the beginnings of our nation. We live in an ever-changing society on a global level, and the quality of education we need to survive and thrive in the world today is growing every day. Our nation has always been a part of education growth, but we deserve the proper education system in order to stay caught up with other education systems in our world today; why shouldn’t the United States be at the top of global education and growth? Education will always be a pressing issue for our nation, and we need to tackle this obstacle in a practical way.

The Practical Idealism Party’s stance on education is as follows: every individual has the right to a healthy and beneficial education that prepares them for whatever they do throughout their lives. We believe in a more individualized approach to education, particularly at the high school level. It is better for each person to be prepared for their individual life than it is for everyone to be educated the same way, like a cattle feedlot. Each student should be able to learn specific to their goals and aspirations; a future journalist should not be in Trigonometry just to fulfill a class requirement. Likewise, a hopeful physicist doesn’t need advanced English, or Ancient History III. We all have Google in our pockets; it is no longer necessary for us to “know” everything. Under the Practical Idealism Education Platform, our students will have been
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