The Importance Of Education

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Education is a right recognized by many countries across the world, and yet many children don’t even have access to attend school. In Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave”, coming out of the cave and being blinded by the sun is like learning for the first time. The amount of information may be overwhelming at first, but then can be accustomed to. Education creates opportunities which then creates a better life for children and society, especially in poorer countries. Not only is it a human right to attend school but it is also just, and when something is just, it must be just for all. Education should not be a privilege, and no matter the gender or financial status of a child, they have every right to attend school. Privilege is defined as…show more content…
The prisoner is then dragged outside of the cave where he is blinded by the sun’s light. He continues to learn, and with the vast amount of knowledge and truth, he is overwhelmed and cannot help but to look back at the shadows, or what he used to think was real. Over time the prisoner gets used to the light and is able to see the world around him and eventually the sun. In this way, he is accepting the knowledge, even if it rejects all that he has seen his whole life, and instead he learns on his own. Instead of continuing to live his life outside the cave, he returns to tell the others what he saw, but is put to death by the puppeteers because they do not want the other prisoners to know what is beyond the shadows they see. If however, he continued out into the world, he would develop his own theories of what is beyond the sun. Developing his own theories are important because education is not something that stops. Learning will always continue, and it is what develops technology and creates new ideas. The prisoner can only now do this because it all started with breaking free of the chains and exiting the cave of ignorance. When people are free of their chains, they are free to explore the world. When they have the education, they can continue to innovate and change society, technology, and progress towards a better future. As soon as people have access to education, they start learning how to learn. At a certain
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