The Importance Of Education For First Nations

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We all have the privilege of growing up where education comes to us as a right. For some people, it's not always like that. Canada is one of the richest countries, yet First Nations don’t have the same rights as many other Canadian citizens. There should be education for First Nations no matter their race, gender, and/or age. Schools should be built nearby for First Nations communities. To get to school, First Nations children have to travel far away from home. They are constantly afraid of isolation, having feelings of homesick and not feeling comfortable where they are. Finally, building schools within closer distance can reduce the risk of First Nations children going missing or being dead.

Firstly, in
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Along with that, he liked how it was quiet, as well as the serenity of his home in nature, compared to the loudness and noisiness of the city. Imagine being forced to go hundreds of miles away from home. You have no choice but to leave your family, your friends, and the place you grew up in. You have to live with strangers, in a completely new environment just to get an education. You’re uncomfortable with everything there; the people you’re going to school with even the school itself. In the video the schools are breaking down; the flooring is very unsafe with cracks that students can trip on, the walls have holes, there’s water dripping from the roof also the entire school is unsterile and smells. This proves that the quality and environment of a school can really affect kids. Therefore, there should more high quality schools being built near First Nations communities.

Lastly, building schools nearby can reduce the risk of children going missing. Approximately 45,609 children have gone missing in Canada, just in 2016. If we had 200,000 people in Canada, about 1 quarter of the population would be missing. Knowing that many children can go missing is scary and frustrating. What if it was your child? If you were living in a First Nations community, with your child going at least 10 hours away from home, with no knowledge of what's going on in their lives,
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