The Importance Of Education In America

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The education system in the United States is one that has changed throughout time, and one that has drastically changed in the relatively recent years of the country. While the US was once a country that educated its students based on obtaining knowledge meant to help the individual succeed in daily life, the system is believed to have changed due to many of its students wishing to become accustomed to life in factories. This factory and manufacturing lifestyle was one with long, strenuous work days, with little time for breaks or communication between its workers. With this change came a change in the education, leading to long, strenuous work hours, and with an emphasis on standardized tests. This has thus changed the system from a curriculum that was once arts, music, and literature focused into one that focuses solely on mathematics and sciences. Through Scott L. Newstok’s article “How to Think Like Shakespeare,” Newstok analyzes how this change has led to the elimination of the contentment and even the imagination aspects of education. Without embracing the possible variations in education of students, this leads to the potential decline in advancements of the United States as a society. Throughout his text, Newstok proposes multiple ideas regarding how the change in the education system has led to the decline of the overall function of society. Newstok notes that thought should not be restrained exclusively to what is learned during classes, but instead should
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