The Importance Of Education In Education

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In a democratic education system, there is a balance of authority between the state, the parents, the individual, and the educators. While each group has their own claim to power over the education of children, there is still the question of who should have the most. This question often comes down to the state or the parents because they are the most complicated and influential. The primary goal of democratic education is to equip children with the knowledge and moral character needed to find success and contentment in life and society. Therefore, when education focuses on this goal, the state should have more power than the parents. The state must have more authority over education because they will equip children with the skills needed…show more content…
Simply-put, placing more authority in the hands of the state is more likely to prevent bigotry. Gutmann refers to John Rawls’ liberal moralist theory, which addresses the importance of instilling a respect for differences in children. According to Gutmann’s analysis of liberal moralism, the goal of education should be “producing in children the desire and capacity to make moral choices based on principles that are generalizable among all humans.”(Gutmann 59). If the parents were free to teach their biases to the children, society would become more polarized and intolerant than it already is. A democratic education coincides with Rawls’ liberal moralist theory in that both value respect for differences. The state’s authority over education strives to educate children in a way that creates a more tolerant and understanding society, while also preparing the children for success in that society. A strong argument in favor of more parental authority in education is that according to the facts of reproduction, educating their children is a part of the parent’s individual freedoms.
This argument is supported by Charles Fried, who argues “the right to form one’s child’s values, one’s child’s life plan, and the right to lavish attention on the
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