The Importance Of Education In Education

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Thank you for responding to my email. I appreciate your candid advice and will do all I can to follow same. In response to your questions, I will like to give you a bit of background on the current education gaps existing in Grenada. This will give you a sense of what my research interests are. As outlined in my CV, I teach at the lone community college in Grenada. The college offers courses at the associate degree and certificate levels. The arm of the college that I currently teach is vocational in nature. With that said, a large majority of students who enroll in vocational programs are those who were unsuccessful in gaining admission to their programs of choice. The department enrolls over 200 students each year in full-time certificate programs like office administration, welding, auto repair and building trades. Admission requirements are not stringent as compared to degree programs. Consequently, lecturers have noted and are continuing to observe huge gaps in the subjects, English Language and Mathematics. In fact, statistics from the high school exit examination unit, the Caribbean Examination Council proves this theory. According to the 2017 examination results, 1530 entrants sat the Mathematics exit exam. From that number, 35.61 % passed the exam recording a decrease from 38.23% in 2016.Alternately, of the 1702 entrants who sat the English Language assessment, 56.98% passed which was a decline of 7.47% from the previous year. Interestingly, similar trends were
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