The Importance Of Education In Education

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An educator's preparation and schooling are vital factors in establishing the way they teach, their habits, and approaches regarding education. In a sense, “teaching is an intentional and moral activity: it is undertaken for a purpose and is validated by reference to educational goals and social principles as well as to operational efficacy (Alexander 517).” In order for educators to positive resources for students in a varied specialized system, they must be properly trained in those systems which they are to repurpose. Learning just one method would leave gaps in the educator’s knowledge, negatively affecting their pupils. For educators to properly navigate the system of multiple educational perspectives they must be exposed to plethora of different approaches to education. One such exposure can be accomplished through the use of Student-Teaching abroad programs that are offered by different universities worldwide. Overwhelmingly, in the past, those who participate in these programs do not go on to pursue a career in education. This translates as a waste of the resource that can drive education in a positive direction. In effort to salvage a seemingly failing initiative, high level universities engaged in developing international student teacher training programs (Quezada 458).
Program types range from bilingual cross-cultural teaching programs to teaching in American schools overseas, all with varying degrees of cultural immersion. As different cultures value different
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