The Importance Of Education In Education

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Philosophers dating back to Socrates have grappled with what is critical thinking, Socrates questioned the importance of looking for evidence by close examination and reasoning. Basic concepts of analysing making assumptions and its implications of what is said and what is done. St Thomas Aquinas a theologian during the Middle Ages in the Sumna Theologica wrote about heightening awareness and the power of reasoning that we have a need for reasoned thought that knowledge was given by God. In the 17th and 18th Century brought about revolution thinking and thinkers like Sir Isaac Newton which enforced earlier thinkers of gathering evidence for sound reasoning thought.

The 20th Century brought about how we think how we learn and that critical thinkers were classed as higher intellect and only certain classes of people had or have the ability to think critically. Western Europe has advanced to this concept and beyond, however Asia has been seen to lack critical thinking concept this is an observation made over a period of 5 years. Asian countries are desperately seeking to speed up their learning to get closer to Western societies. China is in a situation where there is a drive to accelerate knowledge among its citizens the Government increased budgets for local schools as an incentive to attract foreign English speaking teachers. China historically slowed down in their education since 1949 due to their new Government system and ideology, education has become more accessible even though it is fee paying. The people seem to acknowledge that education is a need for survival. ( Richard Paul, Linda Elder, and Ted Bartell , 1997) The current School that I am working at is a new school (5 years old), one of the problems that new schools face is the recruiting of students. There may be well established schools in the area that have a steady stream of students. Difficulties that new schools face are the calibre of the student. New schools have not yet established a reputation, as mentioned established schools can pick student and reject others which then end up in the new schools. Schools in China face students that have very little English and in some cases none at all (English being their second language). There is
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