The Importance Of Education In High School

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In Japan, where I’m from, education is mandatory, and children need to go to elementary school and junior high school until 15 years old. Homeschooling is excluded from mandatory education in Japan. I was schooled in public elementary school and public junior high school. Education in high school is not mandatory in Japan, but I took and passed entrance exam of a prestigious and public high school held by the prefecture I lived in. After finishing education of high school, I passed the entrance exam of private university of foreign studies. Then, I have been participating in the one-year exchange program of studying in the United States. I was schooled by having been studying for more than 15 years. Students did not seem to have inequalities within my high school. Students in each class were educated by following the same curriculum. However, from the view of comparing my high school and other schools, students were tracked. My high school was designated as a prestigious high school that students had high quality of course of education in order to enter in prestigious university. Therefore, students who originally had higher intelligence and higher scores on the entrance exam could study in my high school. Depending on high school, the quality of course that students take was different, which describes that students were tracked. Some hidden curriculum existed in my high school. Students implicitly learned some norms. For example, in my high school, students were
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