The Importance Of Education In High School

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I understand that high school students can just as easily graduate and attend an ivy league institution, or drop out and live a life of drugs and crime. Growing up in low income communities in Lynn, Massachusetts and Burlington, North Carolina allowed me to see what can happen to students that had support in their academic endeavours, and students that did not. I used to play pickup football with my friends in the neighborhood, friends that never had the emotional or academic support to be successful in school. However, my parents, even without many financial resources available, always emphasized the importance of education and how success in school could lead to a better life than the one we lived. I knew that I was going to be successful in life, but my friends may not achieve the same expectations that I had for myself. Naturally, my empathetic nature made me want to provide the support that my friends did not have. In addition, I also owned the sporting equipment that we all used. As a result, I devised an idea to ensure that my friends had the support they needed in school. I decided to prohibit my friends from playing with my sporting equipment until we were all done with our homework, and I could help them with theirs as well. Because of my personal tutoring support, I was able to improve their grades immensely. However, whenever I moved to a different school, I would not be able to continue to be that support. As a result, many of my friends ended up dropping out
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