The Importance Of Education In Physical Education

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The goal of this topic of “What is education in Physical education” is to try and explain what physical educators are actually teaching students. For this project, we are focusing on cognitive and affective learning styles within physical education. The article Kyla looked at was “The Importance of the Affective Domain in the Education of Physical Educators.” The purpose of her article was to look at the importance of affective goals and objectives related to the training of future physical educators (Woodford, 1979). The affective domain looks at attitudes, feelings, interests and values of the learned. It is best viewed as the way a person feels rather then how they think (Woodford, 1979). The goal for physical educators should be to cover all areas of learning, which helps adjust a person’s value of physical education (Woodford, 1979).
6 goals as a physical educator might be to teach the courses in way that influences meaning of each course. Another goal would be to create experiences that allow someone to pick and choose the values they feel are most important in personal growth. A physical educator might try and create a learning environment, which helps the students to develop values based on the level of teaching you are interested in. An instructor may provide a base for understanding the value of physical education in our society. An educator may focus on awareness and appreciation for the flexibility to move things around in order to teach the social system

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