The Importance Of Education On Education

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What does a democratic society expect of its schools? The definition of a democracy is “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.” (Merriam-Webster) To have an effective democracy, everyone must take part equally. If everyone is involved in government you would want to educate citizens as much as you can, so their participation is educationally based. The article also talks about how the government is not for the people but, of and by the people. This means that some citizens are elected, others are the electors, and this whole thing makes up the government. The goals of schools are to education people to be an effective citizen in contributing to our…show more content…
Thomas Jefferson believed that education was the key to a great democracy. Democracy lays in the hands of citizens so, if we aren’t educated then our democracy will fall apart. Universal education will create an even playing ground for everyone to equally play in a role in our democratic society. For example, decisions concerning society one should be capable of actively participating. A common goal of citizenship education is to mold us into understanding the meaning of respect. The three main objectives to citizenship education consist of educating people on their human rights, and learning the concepts of institutions. Institutions are what run our government and what are government is made of. The main concept I took from this is that universal education builds and caters into creating educated citizens who can take effectively take part in our democracy. Education helps individuals form identities through learning personal morals and values. These personal values and morals then allow for personal opinions to develop and sharing the ideas in democracy, which allows for state wide organization. Being able to partake in a democracy weather its state wide or nation wide one begins to live the democratic lifestyle. This “lifestyle” allows for citizens to feel more open to participating in society elaborating to the national democracy. Schools are small institutions that teach us about larger
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