The Importance Of Education

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Education is a necessary asset as it prepares children for adult life teaching them critical thinking skills as well as providing access to knowledge about the world they live in. Education imparts life tools, developing intellect as well as personal character, largely impacting many students lives, biasing their roles and lifestyles as adults. Black children suffer from an inadequate education as a result of an issue we legally eliminated sixty years ago, race. Since whites have been given the upper hand black children struggle for equal access to quality education. Over the years white influence has caused hardships that limit blacks from access to equal education. Black children are deprived of a quality education because of the lack of choice available to them caused by the restrictions associated with their race, lowering their likelihood to succeed. Being in this predicament ignites little belief and causes profuse sacrifices, resulting in defining freedom in a country where freedom is supposedly accessible to all, rather as something that is not complimentary but must be worked for.
Black minors are prone to a harmful education because they are limited by their residency and income as a result of their racial difference. These conditions in a minor's life limit the choice to be free because of their racial difference impacting their lives in the future. Due to centuries of segregation and stereotypes, blacks continue to struggle to disband segregated communities that
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