The Importance Of Education

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The topic on whether education is considered a human right or privilege has been one of the most interesting debates around the world. If people are continually denied access to an equal education, then their words would go underneath and their voices would go unheard. All those who were denied the human right to be able to express their ideas would ultimately lead to an even larger division between the classes. Each and every one has the right to an education that will equip them to achieve a suitable life and be a valuable part of society. Without providing higher education as a right, America would not be living up to “the land of opportunity” ("Free Higher Education Is a Human Right | Huff Post,").

The need to communicate is essential for all human beings. Reading and writing help humans keep track of their ideas and learn new information that helps us learn about the world around us. Humans possess the right to education; not only will educating people to benefit the person, but it will also help the economy of their government. If the more humans are educated, the more will be engineers or doctors. Meaning that innovation and other advances in medicine, science, etc. will benefit the economic growth of a nation. According to Muller (2014), “Without education, many of our ideas and opinions can be stereotypical or prejudice, bearing no relationship to the truth” (p. 180).

Malala Yousafzai stands out as a figure for millions who were denied opportunities and access to
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