The Importance Of Education

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People always say “Mothers are the greatest characters in the world.” I agree because girls' education is an important part of successful families and successful societies, and educating girls means educating a generation. They have learned the knowledge that they can inherit as their mothers. In the real life, I have seen something like this happened before, “A Mother that she doesn't have any education. She doesn’t know what she can teach her children. Now her children become a ganger. She wants to They will listen to the old people said. They don’t even know it’s that right or wrong. This is why it’s important that women need to have the education. They need to teach their children what they have learned. If they don’t learn anything how can they teach their children? But women are not just born to being a mother, they can have their own career too. Like Women are important to have the education because it can decrease child marriage, Increased Literacy, and decrease cervical cancer.

In the article, I had found. It had mentioned that education is very important for every child whether boy or girl. It is said that some of the communities still discriminate against the education of the girl child. If women have the education it could decrease child marriage. Back then parents are think girls going to school is not good because they think girls only could work at home, only need to learn how to be a wife. I don’t agree with this. Wife are not the only role
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